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Recording Piano : Creation Audio

I write all of my pieces, for the most part, on piano - first.

The harmony, melody, bass, rhythm....

The Vibes are always my focus. That's what I play best.

Adi Yeshaya arranged and conducted the String parts for these pieces.

We recorded that in February at Creation - and it sounds beautiful.

We're back now at Creation Audio doing the Piano parts.

Vintage 1979 Yamaha C7D Conservatory Grand Piano 7' 4"

Recorded with 2 Shure SM44 Condensers - left and right inside

Royer SF 24 Active Ribbon Mic outside

We'll do several sessions.

It's all coming together.

Adi Yeshaya - Piano

Steve Weiss - Proprietor and Candles

Miles Hanson - Engineer

Creation Audio

Minneapolis, Minnesota

5 10 2018


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