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Percussion Day

Marc Anderson is an amazing percussionist, and I was thrilled to get him to record

on these compositions.

We had two dates at Bellows in Feb/March 2018, Mic'd up to the hilt.

Day one was straight Congas and Bongos.

Day two was smalls - with a whole table of percussion Marc improvised on.

Brilliant playing.

I've known Marc since 1987 when I started my first Vibes recording project.

It was at a tiny studio in Saint Paul he shared with musician Steve Tibbetts.

I was tracking all kinds of instruments, and playing the vibes.

The studio was always full of percussion, guitars and recording gear.

I worked there with an engineer named Bob Hughes.

Marc has been an inspiration to me musically my whole life, his recordings are enigmatic, and more recently - his advocacy of mindfulness at his foundation.

Bellows Studio St. Paul, with Keith Kopatz


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