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Getting Sounds

I love working at Bellows Studio

Downtown St. Paul

Adam Krinsky knows how to get sounds

We're micing up Drums, Bass, Horns and Organ here to track the song I call Dizzy Who?

5 separate sessions

First Keys

Then Bass and Drums together

Then Horns

Then Percussion

Then Strings

The drum sounds in this studio are perfect

Krinsky found a sweet spot in the space for drum and room mics

It sounds fab

Kopatz gets the Microphones just right on everything

The horns are more close Mic'ed, usually 3 passes to stack up

RNB Horns

Adam Rossmiller : Trumpet

Andy Nelson : Saxophones

John Baumgartner : Trombones

Reid Kennedy - Drums

Kevin Gastonguay - Organ

Chris Bates - Bass

Bellows St. Paul

Great tracking room

Great Musicians


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