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Adding Strings

Updated: Aug 19, 2018

February 19th and 20th 2018 were amazing days for me. I pulled together all the Stems from the 12 songs I've been recording at Bellows, and went to Creation Audio in Minneapolis to record strings.

I work in LOGIC. The session at Creation is Pro Tools.

Adi Yeshaya realized and orchestrated all the string parts on 10 pieces.

I gave him general word phrases, to describe the feeling I wanted on each song,

and left it up to him for top lines, phrasings and harmonies.

Haunting, Sexy, Film Noir . . .

I would get MIDI Mockups from Adi to hear the direction over a 2 month period.

The takes were always perfect.

We started working on this early December 2017.

The strings were recorded over 2 days February 19th and 20th 2018.

We recorded a quintet. STRINGenius.

3 Violin



It was serious tracking and listening.

Intonation, rhythm and phrasing.

The musicians were so talented at this. It's a headphone mix.

Adi conducted.

We did sections at a time - and 3 passes typically to stack up the harmonies or parts.

The string players would sometimes switch parts, or seats, and record a new pass.

This was done to achieve a large, lush sound. Or to cut when I need it.

Creation Audio Minneapolis

Miles Hanson - Engineer

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