I combined Poetry, Music and Sound Design on my newest project. 

9 Poems of lyric poet Sara Teasdale

Follow the link on my Music Downloads tab to view the album.     

The music moves from atmospheric textures created by Jeremy Ylvisaker and JT Bates, to Bill Evans Style Piano Trio and Underscore.
Beautifully read by Katy Vernon.

Some of the music plays past the reading, allowing for reflection.

Sara Teasdale [1884-1933] was an American lyric poet. Some of her work anticipated modern feminist verse and the intimate, autobiographical style known as confessional poetry. A large number of Teasdale's poems deal with love and death. Many of the speakers in her lyrics are women who face the death or desertion of a loved one. They also face the fact of their own mortality with disillusionment, but not as cynics. Teasdale associated moral and spiritual beauty with the harmonies of the natural world.

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