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Grayson DeWolfe is a young singer/songwriter that has a great future. 

I produced this E.P for him, brought in my favorite Engineer,Mixer and Musicians...

It's modern sounding and rocking.

Brian Setzer, a giant in the Rockabilly world - lives in the Twin Cities. I played vibes on his track called "Intermission" on this record. There's a lot of Guitar/Vibe harmony playing. He taught me my part measure by measure. He is a great musician and this session was a blast.

Holly Long is a singer/songwriter from California. I arranged her song "Down to Blue" on this record - and did a bunch of other stuff. It's a cool record with a 70's soul vibe.

These are various projects I've been involved in recently - click on the album cover to go to the artists page.

This duo of Reid Kennedy and Cameron Kinghorn are creating very fresh sounding music. I call it :

"Late Night Club Noveau"

They make the tracks. I engineer the vocals and live instruments...and mix it at my home studio.

LOVE what these 2 are doing.