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Vibes Tracking

I'm closing in on final mixes on my Jazz record project

All the parts are coming together

Vibes, Piano, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Strings, Harp, Brass, B-3, Percussion, Marimba, Vocals

I'm re-tracking Vibes now for the final mix

Spaced Neuman KM 184

Coincident pair of AKG C414

I'll mix this from players perspective

Left to right

(the coincident pair is reversed)

Avalon AD2022 for the AKG's

Apogee Ensemble for the 184's

Musser M-55 Vibraphone

1976 Bars

John Piper "M braces" to quiet the rattle of the frame (brilliant) and his gel damper pad to replace the original M-55 Felt - which reduces distortion in up pedals et al

Musser Tachoir Mallets

Albright Mallets

Balter 32R Mallets


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