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The Summer Knows

It's time to dress for fall, my favorite time of year.

I had an amazing summer working on music projects.

I'm closing in on final mixes, artwork etc. Excited to share this new music soon.

Here's a free track from my first record.

The Summer Knows by Michel Legrand (End Title Theme From "Summer Of '42")

Recorded at Wild Sound Studios in Minneapolis, April 1998

Matthew Zimmerman : Engineer, Mixer, Mastering

Pianist Bobby Peterson joined me on duets, trios and quartets.

Highlight of my life working with him on this project.

Saw him play since early Rainbow Gallery days in 1977.

He's legend, and sadly gone too soon.

I was fortunate to take a handful of lessons with Bobby in the late 90's

Theory and Improv.

He was equal amazing teacher as musician.

... Life is made up of small comings and goings.

And for everything we take with us, there is something that we leave behind.....

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