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The proof is in the Performance

Updated: Jul 20, 2019

....followed closely by the recording of that performance.

As I continue to work with Krinsky on mixes, the silver thread through a production like this has been the performance of the musicians. I have great takes from all the players on these compositions.

Excellent gear and engineers is paramount.

Steve Weiss at Creation Audio and Adam Krinsky at Bellows provided that for me.

Next, you have to capture that performance and likely edit it to work in the production.

Miles Hanson at Creation handled the string, piano and low brass tracking and editing.

This was the setup for recording the String Quintet:

High Strings - (2) Neumann TLM 170’s MDC condensers into (2) Sony MXBK - M131

Low Strings  - (2) Fostex M11RP ribbons into (2) John Hardy MPC 3000 (SonyMXP 3036 retro fit)

Cello - (1) Shure KSM 44 LDC into (1) Groovetube VIPRE

Room - (1) Royer SF 24 active stereo ribbon into (2) Greg Norman Normaphone MXPre LC1 (Sony MXP 3036 retrofit)

Strings arranged and conducted by Adi Yeshaya

Recorded at Creation Audio, Studio A, Mpls, MN

February 19 & 20, 2018

Engineers: Miles Hanson & Steve Wiese

Pro Tools editing by Miles Hanson

Photos: Ross Ruder

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