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Spring Rain

Credits in the Video link

I originally wrote this piano piece on spec for a documentary in 2015. The director had Bill Evans Piano trio music as a temp track, but didn't want to pay the mechanical license. So I wrote a bunch of cues in that style for her. The Director ultimatley went a different direction, and the pieces have sat. Chris Lomheim played the original cues for me, using MIDI and a decent piano sample.

Summer 2021 - I had JT and Chris Bates track over the Lomheim take at their studio. This was called Cue 2 and was on a loose 70 BPM.

Next, Katy came into Bellows Studio and tracked the Poem. We would do several takes with different attitude and pacing. I would take her tracks to my studio - and comp them for phrasing. Lastly I went to Wild Sound Studio and re-tracked the Piano on the Steinway. Handed off to Adam Krinsky for the mix.


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