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Spring !

Here's a new free track called Promise of Love on my website Music Downloads page.

This song started in 2008.

Adam Rossmiller played a Flugelhorn part at my studio space over midi track ideas during that time. He's played on a lot of my tracks and is an amazing musician.

I had that track mixed into this song initially - and then decided to change it to a vocal.

I searched the PD archives for verse or poems I could get inspiration from.

I found the work of poet Sara Teasdale and loved the lyrical style of her writing.

I mixed 2 of her poems together and created a melody that worked -

sung here beautifully by Lucia Newell.

I put both versions for free download (mix 12 for Flugelhorn) and what is fun, perhaps -

for my friends here outside of the production side of music - and time on your side, is how the Mastered version with the vocal is just so gorgeous sonically. It just jumps out at you.

The Flugelhorn version is what the track sounds like before mastering and was

mixed beautifully by Krinsky. We used a fade to reverb technique at the end In this mix.

That's the mix we were working with.

Then we just switched out to the vocal, and that's the mastered version you're hearing.

Mastering by Bob Ludwig.

Mastering is the last process before a record is printed.

It's an art form that uses specialized equipment and skill to lift the music - out of the music.

Not all the music we hear is mastered. . or mastered well, and sounds just fine.

Mastering is making instrument sounds and frequencies more present

(loudness and color - bass and treble)

There's some beautiful color in this recording on this gorgeous spring day

and I wish everyone stay safe and well

Video by #Ivanimator


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