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Slam Academy Extra Abilities Scholarship

I'm excited to share this info on a new scholarship I created at Slam Academy in Mpls for 10,11,12 graders to learn Electronic Music Production.

It's called the Extra Abilities Scholarship.

Please share the link with anyone you know that fit the eligibility.

Short story: I've taught music to 1000's. I learned early on in teaching EMP that students entering class with accommodations for their learning style excelled at this type of music making. It's no wonder. EMP is patterns, shapes, fractions, colors and a grid. I heard amazing music from these students, often dropping my headphones and saying "how did you make that?" :)

This scholarship is offered twice a year. First deadline coming up Sept 4th.

J and the people at Slam were big supporters of my program at STEP in Anoka

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