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New Studio Space

I have this great new space to create in.

Downtown Anoka.

Keith Kopatz, a long time friend and audio wiz helped me set it up.

Ergonomics, acoustics and design.

He cuts a good paint line too.

He's at 1 800 Kopatz

I'm able to work LOUD again

I have the latest software and audio plug-ins for MIDI and

Audio Production from companies such as ProjectSAM, Cinesamples,

Native Instruments, Audio Bro, Empirical Labs, Izotope, AudioEase and WAVES.

Analogue/Monitoring gear includes Mackie HR824 Studio Monitors

Dangerous Music Summing Box, Compressor and BAX EQ.

Loads of instruments.

Teaching vibe lessons again - and just finished working on Sound Design and Mixing for a short film by Andrea Shaker, a Professor and Film Maker at the College of St. Benedict,

St. Joseph MN.

I'll have a link for the film later.

I can provide an extensive variety of audio production, post production, composition, arranging and sound design services. I also work with individual artists as a Music Producer - handling many aspects of the process of creating a finished product from beginning to end.

I can teach you how to use LOGIC software

Track Vibes

Finish a song

Do a vocal

Program Drums and Synths



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