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New School Year

I'm back teaching Music Production at STEP in the Anoka Hennepin School District.

This begins my 4th year in the district - from where I graduated in 1978. Thrilled.

I'm given 2 large spaces to work in, a 30 station iMac lab, and a control room and performance space down the hall. I have a morning session and an afternoon session -

60 students each day for 12 weeks. I teach LOGIC Pro X music production software.

Students learn how to make beats, record audio, music theory, composition, live sound, sound design, music business, Video Production and much more.

We're a CTE school - Career and Technical Education. Students come here to take classes from industry professionals in areas ranging from Medical Technology, Fashion and Cosmetology, Law Enforcement, Graphic Design, Aviation, Automotive, Engineering...

I'm always amazed at the work my students turn out by the end of the trimester.

I'm ready to see more light bulbs go on in this - my 19th year of teaching music.


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