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Mixing Strings

For this album, we recorded a string quintet in the current traditional fashion.

Vln 1,2,3 Vla, Vcl

Audience perspective.

We had close mics on all the instruments and a Royer Ribbon room mic.

We did 3 passes on all the pieces, which included some variations in parts.

Instant 15 piece string section.

Now, in the mix I use a different seating or panning scheme to create a lush sound.

Strings 1,2,3 move around, Viola up the Middle and Cello leans left also.

Colors always help me visualize sound, and this is one I needed to map out instead of looking at a Pro Tools Mix Window.

We tried 3 color variations, and this was the fullest sounding.

Master String Triple Panning

Creation Audio, Minneapolis

Strings arranged and conducted by Adi Yeshaya

Adam Krinsky, Bellows Studio - Mix

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