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A short fugue for Marimba and Strings.

Jenny Klukken - Marimba


We used a spaced pair of AKG 414's directly over the instrument.

A very wide spaced pair of vintage Neuman U47's high up in the room.

Royer SF 24 active stereo ribbon mic - about 4 feet directly in front of the instrument.

Shure Beta 91A Boundary Mic under the instrument at half cardioid pattern.

This is an excerpt from a duet I wrote for Vibes and Marimba.

Beautifully played by Jenny Klukken on her 5 octave Marimba.

I twisted a few things around to get a short edit.

I'll add Pizzicato strings at another session.

Jenny covered a lot of material that day for me, including parts for the Jazz record I'm working on. Played beautifully.

Creation Audio - Minneapolis 2-9-2019

Engineers: Miles Hanson & Steve Wiese

Pro Tools editing by Miles Hanson

Video and Photos:Keith Kopatz and Joe Heili

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