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I finished tracking the bigger parts and players for this project from February - August 2018

I'm working on 16 compositions between 2 different projects.

I worked at Creation Audio and Bellows Studio primarily over this period, with additional tracks recorded at my home studio.

The main project is a 12 song LP Record of evocative jazz compositions.

Adam Krinsky is now mixing these tracks at his studio, Bellows - in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

These photos show Krinsky re-amping some individual instrument tracks through the studio monitors to add some additional depth to the mix.

Krinsky is expert at Pro Tools and all his plug-ins. His mixes are 3-D, which is what I love.

His collaborations and production credits range sonically from pristine to provocative.

Modern sounds.

His musicality is outstanding.

We did a test Mastering of one song at Greg Reirsons' Rare Form Mastering in early August, to see where things were at level-wise for LP,CD and DD.

<Sounding Amazing>

It's all coming together beautifully.


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